“a wedding ceremony should be comprised of equal parts-
tears of laughter and tears of joy”

“think of love as a seed. It must be planted in good soil, and in hearts that are tendered.
It has to be watered with words of affection, and with deeds of kindness.
In the right environment the seeds of love put down deep roots, produce beautiful foliage,
and bears the fruit of joy, and peace, and grace.”

A Fight Church wedding may be the perfect choice for couples who are looking for an alternative to the idea of a traditional religious ceremony. A Fight Church wedding is a celebration of spirituality and union, within the framework of a supportive community. While it does contain many of the same themes as a traditional wedding, it is focused more on the esoteric teachings of the mystery schools – 
love is the greatest power on Earth and in the Heavens.


Choosing who to give such a privilege to is not an easy decision to make.
This person will be forever frozen into your collective memories.
They must be of reliable character, with a kind heart, and demonstrate a love for all things.
They must be passionate, yet temperate; warm and approachable…
This is not a decision to take lightly.

Being a wedding officiant is merely a legal distinction, like a notary public.
Almost anybody can legally perform a wedding ceremony, with the acquisition of proper credentials, and within the accepted guidelines of state and federal governments.*

For more information or to check availability, 

call Jessie Sponberg @ 503.933.9727 or email jessiesponberg@yahoo.com

$200 for weekend ceremony.

$150 for weekdays

$75 for dress rehearsal (not required).

* At Fight Church we do not consider the government to have any authority over our hearts, and that two kindred souls have an unalienable right to fall in love and spend the rest of their lives together. However we can facilitate the filing of your marriage certificate.

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