2017 Efryting Drive takes a twist: all donations will be donated to other charities

by Jessie Sponberg
December 13, 2016

  It has been confirmed. The annual event once known as the “Night of a thousand blankets” and now called the Efryting Drive will take place over an entire weekend- January 14 and 15 at Eagles Lodge 3256 (4904 SE Hawthorne Blvd).
The yearly “multi-thon” trades the very best in local music and comedy for a dump truck full of outdoor survival gear (and the occasional VHS tape). Close to 4000 people sleep on the streets of Portland and the number continues to increase- the goal is to provide them with the means to survive the winter.
The highlight of every year is certainly the “friendly fire” freestyle compliment rap battle,
where a who’s-who of professional emcees compete for the title of  “Mr Nice Guy”.
The problem the event has had in the past few years is the sheer amount of gear raised is too much for any one community agency’s infrastructure to handle. This year that problem will be solved by collecting and sorting the donations in-house on Saturday, and then opening the doors on Sunday and inviting all interested outreach organizations to come and fill their coffers with as much as they can redistribute.
There should be plenty to go around.
Interested agencies and/or interested performers and volunteers should put these dates on their calendars and look for further details as they arise or email fightchurchtelevision@gmail to offer your help.

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