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Our recent move to the Eagles Lodge 3256 has positioned us as one of the premiere destinations for information exchange and preservation of the classic Portland culture, within a framework  of the most active and engaged personalities in the city.

The people you see caricatured on international shows
are actual guests on our show.

Each week we deliver a rotating cast of relevant Portlanders in a classic late night talk show format, featuring timely interviews and performances from the biggest names in local comedy and music. Hosted by Jessie Sponberg and DJ Spark, the show is broadcast live on our YouTube channel and recorded in front of a live audience. 

– represents the bonding commonality of our mutual struggle against a diseased societal model.

Church – the hub of any traditional community.

Television – an ancient instrument of information exchange.

Embracing the unprecedented growth we have experienced coming into our 3rd season, we are recruiting like-minded, local businesses who share our vision of community engagement as a problem-solving model, and are interested in promotional opportunities in exchange for financial or in-kind sponsorships.

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